In Bakersfield we have seen the Traditional Brokers decrease because the Discount Brokers have swept the market by offering reduce Fees to Real Estate agents. What this means is a Traditional Broker will have a hard time surviving in the current climate. The down side of this new philosophy is that you as the client may be paired will an experienced agent who just received there licenses. You should always shop around for the experienced agent who is seasoned and knows how to guide you in pricing and selling your home.

I want to discuss commissions paid to Brokers for selling you home. The 6 % commission is gone and the average is somewhere between 3.5% and 5% now depending on the home your selling. Over $225000 your can find a Broker who will work for a reduced commission but under that amount it will always be higher. There are Brokers who are advertising a 3% and 3.5% commission for selling your home. There are catches to the discounted rates, make sure you read the fine print.

I am telling  you this because I have decided that setting on the sidelines and waiting for these Brokers to go away is a waste of time because I believe there here to stay. So I have decided to join the ranks and offer the lower commissions for listing you home. I will list your home for 3.5% and If I happen to sell it myself I will discount down to 3% for the sale.

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Ron Sullivan, Broker Sully & Associates